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The Holding Tent is a one-stop shop for casting opportunities. If you are a low budget production in need of talent or actors, we offer free casting services via postings on our Facebook page.


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and are in need of actors, extras, or stand-ins, contact us at (or visit our Contact Page) to have your project submitted to our members. Simply give us the breakdown as to what you need to fill the roles, and we will get your casting call up! Be sure to provide a contact email for talent to submit to.


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Simply visit our Facebook page to check out currently available casting calls.


More About The Holding Tent

     The Holding Tent was Founded in August 2011 as a Resource Page on Facebook. It has 23,000 plus members; A group of growing talent in the Louisiana Film Industry. The page has been successful because of the understanding and cooperation of our members with the way the page is maintained.

     We keep tangent comments and questions off the page, which allows work opportunities to be found quickly, easily and is a much more efficient way to maintain the page to find work information. It also keeps the Casting Directors posts prominent without them getting buried in conversations unrelated to the Talent opportunities they have posted. Only Casting Directors and our Administrators have security to make posts on The Holding Tent Page.

    We started this page to create a group of people that were reliable, professional & well informed of what is required of them to work in the Film Industry. And to provide a one stop, as opposed to having to search the web. Feedback from Extras and Casting Companies has been very encouraging. We love to hear that, and it is truly what keeps us and the page running, growing & successful.

    Our mission was to have a group that the Casting Directors felt they could find people they could depend on to do what is asked of them, be there when booked and be knowledgeable, professional & fully informed; to show Production Companies that Louisiana talent is just as capable of filling roles they might have booked in Los Angeles or New York. We want our local talent to have the knowledge, talent & savvy so they cast more in Louisiana, and keep the jobs here. Not just background, but also cast, principle, featured, speaking & special featured roles.

    We told our members if they have a question to send a direct email to the casting company or they can private message our Administrators and we will answer their question as soon as possible. If they have a comment, question or concern that they would like to ask their fellow colleagues, they should go to The Holding Tent Discussion Page and post their comment there, as it was specifically created for all members to share ideas, concerns & thoughts so that The Holding Tent could remain for work postings only.

    Very important note: Never call a casting company and ask to be booked on a particular production or any production. They are too busy and short staffed to answer calls. Doing this could put you in their bad graces. Now OF COURSE if you can't make a booking that you accepted or you are returning a call they made to you then by all means call them.

    The Holding Tent is only on Facebook. We have never charged for our postings and will never charge. We only have volunteers staffing The Holding Tent Page.

    Putting the Casting Calls on our website and keeping them current as we do on Facebook would require a paid staff.

    If you are looking to fill a speaking role, please email me at (I have contacts in the industry and may be able to help you).

About Bill Rainey

Bill is a native of New Orleans and a ten-year film industry veteran. 

After twenty-two years at Cox Communications, where he developed passions for media and customer relations, retirement afforded Bill the opportunity to pursue his passions by volunteering in the Louisiana film business. 


Volunteering soon turned into work as a “background performer” or an “extra”, where he built relationships with casting directors, extras, and other “in the know people”. Bill amassed 231 film and television credits as a background performer, and countless friends and experiences. 


He saw an opportunity with his new, vast network; he realized casting directors needed a place to post job opportunities and extras needed a resource to inquire about work on sets. He co-formed a Facebook group called "The Holding Tent". To this day, The Holding Tent promotes thousands of scene opportunities and helps talent find roles that suit their abilities. 


Beyond The Holding Tent, Bill is the Producer of The 48 Hour Film Project in New Orleans, the Chief Administrative Officer at RABS, and an Administrator of the Hollywood South Background Actors Guild.  


His excitement for this show business is tireless and his passions continue to thrive. 


Contact Bill

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Bill Rainey

504-382-1137 (Cell)

Casting Liaison, The Holding Tent


Producer, 48 Hour Film Project: New Orleans


Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Run A Better Set (RABS)


Event Coordinator

NOLA Film Industry Events

Hollywood South Background Actors Guild

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